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Jag kunde inte låta bra att skratta lite när jag läste det första gånge, ironin i det hela är för absurt men inte helt oväntat ändå. [wikipop]Edwyn Collins[/wikipop] äger alla rättigheter till sina låtar och så även till låten ”A girl like you” men stoppas utan Warner music och Myspace att ladda upp sina låtar på sin sida för upphovsrättsintrång. Ironiskt visst är det?

I am Edwyn Colllins manager. Let me tell you a story. At the beginning of this year I noticed that Edwyn’s myspace had gone bit wonky and I tried to upload the tracks back on to the music player. His most famous track, which he owns the copyright in, as he does for most of the music he’s recorded in his life (preferring to go it alone than have his music trapped ”in perpetuity” to use the contract language of the major record company) is called A Girl Like You. It’s quite famous. Lo and behold, it would not upload, I was told Edwyn was attempting to breach a copyright and he was sent to the Orwellian myspace copyright re-education page. Quite chilling, actually. I naturally blew my stack and wrote to myspace on his behalf demanding to know who the hell was claiming copyright of Edwyn’s track? Which, incidentally, he always made freely available for download on myspace, something which amazed his followers. Eventually, after HUGE difficulty, I was told Warner Music Group were claiming it. I found a nice lawyer guy at Warners, very apologetic, promised to get it sorted, but all these months later it isn’t. That is because Myspace are not equipped to deal with the notion that anyone other than a major can claim a copyright. Warner’s were one of the lead petitioners in the attempt to put those three stoner lads in Sweden in prison recently, remember. A Girl Like You is available FOR SALE all over the internet. Not by Edwyn, by all sorts of respectable major labels whose licence to sell it ran out years ago and who do not account to him. Attempting to make them cease and desist would use up the rest of my life. Because this is what they do and what they’ve always done. And it’s not just majors. If I had a fiver for all the dodgy indie labels we’ve been involved with I’d have £35 or thereabouts. (Exceptions: Heavenly and Domino). Andrew Loog Oldham said that getting ripped off (by the industry) was your entrance fee to the music business of the sixties, so get over it. He’s right and things have not changed. We are very over it, but nonetheless aware of who the biggest bootleggers around are. It’s not the filesharers. Personally, we’ve always loved bootlegs. Even when Edwyn was really skint at the fag end of the eighties, I remember being in Camden market and seeing some tapes of a couple of his shows on sale. I tried to buy them but the stallholder somehow knew who I was and said ”free to the management.” I failed to see how that guy selling tapes of Edwyn or even U2 or anybody on the list of signatories above could harm their career. But anyway, as an earlier post said, this is not really an argument worth having. The gig’s up. You might as well take a position about when you want the sun to come up in the morning. It’s over. Now let’s get on with working out a wonderful new way for music lovers to enjoy music for free or for a small subscription that makes it legal and easy to hear ANYTHING and allows the artist to reap the rewards of such freedom of access. Viva la revolucion!
Myspace sidan

Detta har alltså hänt under en ganska lång tid och intressant vore ju om alla kastade omkring med låten på hemsidor i mp3 format och se vad sker? Ska dom stämma en när dom faktiskt inte har rätten? Och de bolag som köpt rätten att få spela hans musik i något sammanhang hur skulle dom reagera om warner förlorade ett sådant mål? Collins har lagt upp låten gratis för sina fans medans warner håvar in stålar olagligt. Skulle kunna bli intressant. Men som hans manager säger orkar dom inte göra något åt warner för det skulle ta resten av deras liv och man vet aldrig vad som skulle ske med så mycket pengar bakom sig… så världen fungerar. Money makes it spinn…

Väl värt att läsa och fundera på, fuck the bolag och Viva la revolucion! Tack till Sagor från Livbåten som utvecklar mer om historien. Artikel i Guardian också. If you got the cash you got the power… hemskt att se…

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